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The overall character of your home is defined more than almost anything else by your front door. It's the primary feature of the building's "face", so it's important you get it right. But let's not forget the other external doors; take the back or side door - for many people it's the door that sees the most use, so it'll need to be durable as well as attractive. And it may well be tucked away out of sight, so you'll want to know it's secure.

And what about your patio doors, or maybe a French door into the garden? Whatever the application, we not only have the products you'll want and the skills you need, but we're also ready with a wealth of advice to help you make the right choice. Years of experience have taught us what works and what doesn't, hundreds of tips and ideas that will make living with your new doors that much more pleasant.

Let's take a moment to look at some of the types of doors you might consider.

PVCu Doors

PVCu Replacement Door
PVCu has established itself over many years to be the default construction material for replacement doors.

It's come a long way in that time; gone are the days of stark white plastic and furniture that's more functional than attractive. Today's PVCu doors come in the same range of colours and finishes as our windows, so you can easily find the look that suits your home's character. Our NatureGrain finishes faithfully reproduce the tones and graining of natural wood. So you'll see - and feel - the fine, close grain of quality rosewood, not just a series of black and reddish stripes. Our oak finishes even feature the characteristic knots and "shakes" of the finest British oak.

You'll enjoy choosing your glazing, with a huge range of designs, stained glass options and differing levels of opacity. And as usual we'll be there to point out those all-too-common mistakes that people make. When you pop downstairs to the kitchen to raid the fridge late at night, you don't want to have the neighbours waving at you!


Composite Doors

Composite replacement door
Composite construction simply means that the door is made from a mixture of materials. Not much help there, but the term has come to mean a more solid, robust construction than the standard PVCu type.

Not that there's anything flimsy about our PVCu doors - they're reinforced with steel and constructed from rigidly-welded multi-chambered extrusions.

Our range of composite doors take that strength and dependability to an even higher level. They're thicker than most competitors to give you the best possible thermal performance as well as a satisfying "heft" that feels so right as the door closes with a muted "thunk" of quality.

Composite doors from Tailormade come as standard with the extra reassurance of the police-endorsed Secured by Design standard.


We love to talk to people, but we’re no more fond of pushy sales techniques than you are - we’ve found that just being honest and helpful is all it takes to keep on growing, as we have since 1996. So don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. Better still, pick up the phone and let's get to know one another properly.

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Aluminium Door

The Aluminium Revolution

We're delighted to be at the forefront with our early adoption of the new, flagship aluminium products. They bring a whole new level of quality and sumptuous satin finishes, allied to outstanding durability and unbeatable security.

Ask us about the new cutting-edge design opportunities our aluminium doors bring to release your creativity.

French and patio doors

French Doors and Patio Doors

Whether or not you're lucky enough to have a conservatory, there's something magical about opening the house to a summer garden. And even when they're closed, patio doors bring in extra light as well as giving you a superb view of the garden all the year round. And you really can enjoy that view all the year round because, like all of our doors, they come with an A rating for energy efficiency.

We can fit every conceivable type of occasional door, and we'll help you decide whether sliding, hinged, folding or any other option is exactly right for you.





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