Tailormade Windows and Doors

Privacy Policy

Our business depends on our relationship with you. If we upset you by behaving badly then we can never succeed. So, quite apart from the fact that we’d never abuse your privacy as a matter of principle, it just wouldn’t make any kind of business sense were we to do so.

When you contact us, whether by telephone, e-mail, letter or by using the contact form on this website, we’ll keep a record to make sure that we respond properly to your requests. Very often that will result in a dialogue between us, where we’ll contact you back by telephone or e-mail. It’s what you’d expect to happen – after all, if you didn’t want an answer from us, you wouldn’t have contacted us in the first place!

Of course, we’d love to make you our customer – again, you wouldn’t expect anything else. So we may contact you again some time in the future if – and only if – we have something genuinely relevant and useful to you to tell you about. But let’s be clear about the form that contact would take:

  • We’ll never irritate you with over-frequent or over “salesy” calls or e-mail messages
  • We won’t spam your mobile phone with sales messages – if we text you it’ll be to update you on important information like installation appointments
  • We’ll never forget that we’re contacting you at your invitation. If ever you feel you’d rather not hear from us (and that’s never happened yet) then all you have to do is tell us.
  • We don’t share your data with third parties, and any of your information that we store is properly and diligently secured.



In common with most websites we use cookies. These are tiny, harmless files that are stored on your computer to allow website pages to operate correctly. None of them collect any personal data about you or your browsing habits. We use them only to make our website function as you’d want, and to provide us with anonymous statistical data about important factors like website traffic and page popularity.

We use Google Analytics to provide us with information about how people visit and use our site. This requires certain third-party gookies to be set by Google. While we don’t have access to any personally identifiable information, Google ethically collects information on other sites you may visit. You can understand more about how Google protects your privacy by clicking¬†here.