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Porches are the best way to welcome guests into your home

Porches Stoke on Trent

Porches - Individually Designed

Porch Design & Built by Tailormade in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

UPVC & brick porches from Tailormade are individually designed to match the character of your home.

You can bring instant character to your home when you have a porch placed at the front of your property. Front porches can create a huge visual impact and what better addition to have when you want guests to be greeted by a stylish entrance point.

The extra space that a porch can provide has the added benefit of reducing draughts making your home more energy efficient. The presence of a porch will give you added peace of mind each time you leave your home empty as you can rely on it to firmly protect your residence as it includes high security handles, hinges and a multi-point locking system.

We make each porch individually based on your requirements. See how easy it is to transform your home and get a quote for a new Tailormade Porch.

Getting Ready For Summer – Invest In A Porch

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