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Traditional Windows Stoke

Where Tradition Meets Technology

Replacement windows have come a long way in the last twenty years. You no longer have to sacrifice character for efficiency – in fact now you can really let your creativity take wing to get exactly the look you want.

It all starts with your choice of frame – whether you prefer the clean, modern lines of geometrically planed frames or the elegant fluting of a sculptured approach. Then put your mind to how you want to open your windows; is a straightforward casement right for your home, or maybe a Victorian-style sliding sash would be more in keeping? Then again you might think about a swivelling pane that makes it easy for you to clean the outside.

Once you add in all the options for glazing, from period leading to stained glass, then start thinking about gleaming brass, chrome or rough-forged iron fittings it could even get a little daunting. Don’t worry about that though, we’ll be there with as much advice as you want.

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Window Styles Available

The Residence Collection – R9 Windows

Aluminium – Flush casement, slim clean lines

Aluminium – Standard

UPVC – Flush casement windows

UPVC – Standard

Preparing for Your Installation

We take the greatest care not to damage anything and to leave your home clean, tidy and looking fantastic. You can help by moving particularly delicate or precious items, but don’t worry if that’s a difficult chore. Our team will happily take down curtains or blinds, move the sofa or shift the telly. We’ll cover carpets and never thunder through your house in muddy work boots! And when it’s all done we’ll put everything back just right.

We want to be sure nothing upsets the experience of dealing with us, because we hope to make you one of our advocates. When your friends ask you who supplied your new windows – and they will – we hope you’ll be happy to recommend us. It’s satisfied customers, not expensive adverts, that allow us to keep growing.

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Residence 9 Windows and Doors

Residence 9 is a window and door system designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber designs.

Residence 9 is proud to be designed and made in the UK. It was created with the enduring designs of British architecture in mind and has many bespoke options that can satisfy a range of homes from the grandeur of stately homes, to the solid good looks of Georgian and Victorian, right through to the present day. As well as a stunning range of windows, it can be incorporated into fabulous French, Residential and Composite doors and elegant Orangeries and Garden Rooms. All of these are available in a handpicked collection of heritage colours that can be personalised to match existing furnishings by choosing a different colour inside to outside.

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Incredibly lifelike wood finishes

There’s a lot to be said for the purity of white UPVC windows, and ours come in a super-smooth, U/V resistant material that will keep its good looks almost indefinitely. But that’s not right for every home, especially an older property that’s rich in character. That’s when you might want to consider our incredibly lifelike wood finishes. Available in a range of natural timber or painted wood effects, they’re so convincing you can even feel the grain. And our customary attention to detail follows right through to joins and frame direction. So the grain flows as it would on real hardwood windows – get close up and you’ll see what we mean.

Replacement Windows Stoke on Trent
Residence 9 timber effect windows

There’s a fantastic range of colours and wood grains to choose from – we can even provide specially matched colours if you wish – and unlike many lesser products, ours can be supplied with your choice of finish on both inside and out. Well, we did ask you to expect more!

Don't Heat the World

You’ll be familiar with energy rating charts – they appear nowadays on most electrical appliances to give you an easy way of comparing the energy efficiency of different brands.

The system became increasingly common for windows around ten years ago, and energy ratings became a requirement for replacement windows in 2010, with the minimum standard being set at “C” rating. That’s certainly an improvement – especially when replacing old wooden or aluminum windows, but nowadays you should be looking for better performance than that.

The standard scale goes from A to G, with A being the best performer. A’s good, but we can better even that. We offer certificated A+ Energy Saving Windows as standard, with multi-chambered thermal frames, improved insulation inside the glazing cartridges and high-efficiency glass.

The video tells you how it’s possible. Why would you settle for second best when the ultimate is within your reach?

There’s no such thing as a burglar-proof window, but when it’s easier for the intruder to give up and seek easier pickings, it comes to pretty much the same thing.

Safe and Secure

You have a right to feel safe in your own home. That’s why we pay so much attention to security. All of our windows are internally beaded, so the panes can’t be prised out from outside. We fit toughened and tempered glass as standard, with laminated glazing available as an option, and all of our hinges are anti-lift and hardened and tempered to stand any likely force. Turning to the the locking system, opening windows feature multi-point, anti-prise bolts and high-security locks.

Our security standard starts where many installers’ optional extras finish.

If you have a particularly vulnerable window or have concerns about the area you live in we can provide you with the ultimate, police-approved Secured by Design standard.

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