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The British weather isn’t always too cooperative, so it’s sometimes frustrating that you can’t enjoy your garden to the full. But it’s often at its most spectacular when the weather’s chilly – the blue tones of a snow-covered hedge, the golds of Autumn or the vibrance of early spring – they’re all there to enjoy to the full from your snug, all-weather conservatory.

Snug and Warm

Conservatories are easy to heat – especially when you consider that Tailormade conservatories are always built to an A rating for energy efficiency. In fact the biggest challenge usually isn’t keeping it warm – quite the opposite in fact!

We want you to get the best from your new conservatory every day of the year. That’s why we’ll take extra time to explain how best to keep it cool and pleasant in the hottest summer, and snug and warm when winter’s stamping its foot outside.

We’ll bring our years of experience to bear on your exact circumstances, taking in to account which way the conservatory will face, shade from surrounding trees, exposure to high winds, and so on. Then we’ll advise you on ventilation, heating and cooling, solar-reflective glazing and a whole range of other special touches that will make your conservatory the most practical, usable room in your house.

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Tailormade Orangeries

Orangeries have their origins in renaissance Italy, where no manor was complete without its citrus-scented extension where the delicate orange plants would over-winter, protected from the harsh frosts.

Today they’re a fashionable and highly desirable variation on the theme of a conventional conservatory. Like a conservatory, an orangery provides a new, practical room that can be added easily to extend your home. Unlike their more frequently-seen cousins though, orangeries are usually built to a classic style, often with additional brickwork in their construction. As a result they give a more substantial impression, feeling more a part of the main house.

Orangeries are often individual in design, giving you more scope to create a unique room. We’ll help at every stage with design, drawings and as always, lots of expert advice.

Your orangery is likely to include a considerable amount of brickwork. That’s why we don’t leave it to someone else. When you choose your orangery from Tailormade we take complete responsibility for every aspect of the process. We believe it’s the only way to provide you with complete accountability, reliable schedules and an easy, trouble-free installation.

Tailormade Orangeries
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If you want a tiled conservatory roof that looks outstanding and provides incredible thermal performance, choose Ultraroof. This lightweight system is easy to install, thanks to its light weight; it also delivers incredible thermal performance.

Ultraroof is the lightest and strongest tiled conservatory roof on the market. It is designed to sit on old or new window frames and doors; unlike other solid roofs, it never needs a tie bar.

Whether you need a replacement conservatory roof – or are starting from the beginning – our Ultraroof tiled conservatory roofs will reward you with an interior space that’s light, bright, warm and comfortable.

Our Ultraroof tiled conservatory roofs can be installed without delays. The entire system can be watertight in six hours. The entire process has been designed with convenience in mind.

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Homeowners no longer have to choose between a solid or glass conservatory roof. That’s because the Livinroof combines the best elements of both. Extend your living space and create a comfortable room that’s light, bright and suitable for year-round living.

Whether you are planning a new house extension or replacing an existing conservatory roof, Livinroof will give you the design flexibility you need. Enjoy the sense of privacy and comfort that comes with a solid roof but without compromising on light.

Livinroof is constructed from aluminium or insulated composite external panels and insulation. Its design is robust but stylish. The urban grey panels that form part of the Livinroof will add that all-important wow factor to your home.

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